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Anonymous asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastSouth Africa · 7 years ago

If AIDS gets proven to be engineered in a lab, will Thabo Mbeki have been right with his views on it?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Mbeki did not state that aids was created in a lab. He questioned the link between HIV and AIDS and said a virus cannot cause a syndrome. He said the cause was poverty, bad nourishment and general ill-health. The solution was not expensive western medicine but the alleviation of poverty in Africa.

  • Phil
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    7 years ago

    Robert Gallo didn't create AIDS. He was the first to identify the link between HIV and AIDS. With that logic, did Newton create gravity in a conspiracy to prevent people from flying?

    If people were capable of creating a virus in the 1980s, then we would certainly have the technology to cure that same virus 30 years later.

    Finally, even if the virus was indeed created, it still doesn't excuse Mbeki for denying people the necessary treatment. His denial led to the deaths of many many people. And he has never been charged with anything.

    That is the real disgrace.

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