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My Dog is suddenly being aggresive with people. HELP!!!?

I have a purebred, 3 year old, German Shepherd. I originally bought him to be my mother's companion and protector after my father passed away. She didn't like him because she never really liked dogs (bad experience as a child). I worked overseas so the dog went to my brother, but I still saw him when I came home. About 3 months ago, my brother's wife did not want the dog anymore because he was being kept in the garage or crate during the day because they worked and she didn't think it was fair to the dog. So I took the dog back and I have a large backyard so he loved it. I'm home most of the day and when I'm not he has a doggy door to get in and out of the house. He loves it. My nephew is 15 and he's always over at my house and plays with him. My dog's name is Dexter by the way. Dexter loves my nephew, he's the only person that dexter brings the frisbee back to and he follows him all around the house and they go for walks every time he's over. I also have my niece, 18 years old. Dexter would always see her and they wouldn't really interact with eachother but he wasn't aggresive towards her ever. On Thursday she came over because my family was going to dinner and she was going to go with me and Dexter approached her and sniffed her, but she was kind of telling him to shoo because he was licking her. We left and it was fine. Next morning she comes to pick up my nephew and he lets her pet him then 5 minutes later when she came in to wake my nephew up he barked and tried to nip at her. My nephew woke up and told him to lay down. We just thought that he was being protective of my nephew because he was asleep until that night I was at a party and they went to check on him. When they came in my niece didn't want to be near him so she kind of ran off to the kitchen and he didn't go near her. My nephew wanted to patch things up between them so he had Dexter sit and he held him gently by the collar and she put her hand out. He sniffed it and we thought it was all good, until she went to pet him and he bit her wrist. Also, I recently started dating and my girlfriend is at my house a lot. He LOVES her. They'd walk together and play fetch and she'd take him out at night to pee. Today, she came back from Florida and he did the same routine, she pet him then right after he barked and started nipping at her. Sorry, forgot to mention, I live in a gated community so there's always a guard out front. Dexter sees him on his morning walks every day and goes to him and sits for him and allows him to pet him. Today, when the guard went to pet him, Dexter bit his finger and drew blood. Please someone help, I love this dog to death and I don't know what's happening. Is he being overprotective of me? Will he do the same to my nephew even though he's his best friend? Someone please help me out.


Sorry about this. Forgot to put paragraphs.

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    I could see where this was going from the first couple of sentences.

    The dog is a rule unto himself with not enough leadership qualities from you. There are some breeds that you just do not allow the mental freedom to choose what they do and the GSD is one of them, as is my breed.

    Google NILIF and work this with him. Do not allow a 15 yr old to walk this dog out. That is irresponsible. If you want a dog that you can just turn your back on at all times then you don't get a GSD. If you want this to work then everything is under your supervision.

    NILIF.. google, read and put into practice.

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    Often the dog protects those who are closest to it, if someone or something is getting close to the one it is protecting it is intimidated because a dog's mentality is to believe the one they protect is about to be harmed.

    Source(s): Animal research
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    Use pargaphs! No one like trying to wade through a great wall of text.

    Call in a qualified behaviourist/trainer.

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