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??? asked in PetsHorses · 6 years ago

Saddle stores near CT? Or in New England? (French brands possibly?)?

Hey! I am looking for Stores that sell saddles near the CT area? I am willing to travel through northern NJ, East NY, and Southern NH/VT. And anywhere in MA, RI, or CT.

I know there are a few Dovers near me in those areas so I will probably stop by there but I am looking for saddles that Dover may not sell. (As well as come that Dover supply). I know of Smith Worthington, but those don't fit my horse very well.

Any stores that supply Devoucoux, Amerigo Vega, Detente near here? But if I can find other brands that I like and fit my horse then I am open to all ideas of stores. If there are any that supply French saddle brands I am really looking for those. I have heard great things about them!

Thank you! Websites would be awesome too! :)

3 Answers

  • 6 years ago
    Favorite Answer specializes in French used saddles at amazing prices. Rachel is the owner and she is wonderful - she can even give you advice on which saddle is best for you and help you find a saddle that fits you, your horse, and your budget. She has Devoucoux, Antares, Butet, CWD, and even Voltaire saddles (and tons more I am sure I am forgetting).

    She also will let you take a saddle on trial to make sure it fits so there's a good chance she will have something for you. And if she doesn't, chances are that she will be able to help find one. As an aside I ride in a Voltaire and absolutely love it - best saddle I have ever sat in by far.

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  • 6 years ago

    Pelham Saddlery is in NH, they have new and used English saddles at decent prices. I am in Maine and I often go to Lebanon, ME which has Double G. They have HUNDREDS of used and new saddles to chose from. You are also allowed to truck in your horse to both of those tack stores (call in advance) and they both have saddle fitters there.

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  • Hannah
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    Maybe try SmartPak?

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