Could I be pregnant please help?

So me & my bf had sex "with a condom" November 16th The day I went off of my period. Well the condom broke so I took plan b when I only had 3hrs left "Couldn't get the money fast enough" But I still took it on time at lest. Well anyway I got what I think was my period 18 days later? November 4th It started out normal but brownish, then 3 days later it seemed to stop, but speed back up 10hrs later. I was on it for 5 days "Which is normal for me" I did get bad cramps like I normally do every month.. No pink came out and it went red not ever 5hrs later after being on it.. Well when should I get my next period? We did have sex this month but this time used extra lube condoms, and I check them and they did not brake. I check like 3 times before leaving.. Altho I do believe he did **** inside of me, but I couldv'e swear the condom didn't brake. He even changed the first one in the first 5 mins..

So I guess my question is will this period be off track? I'm kinda getting paranoid everytime it gets closer to my period and I don't go on it because for the last 3 months it's been coming a week early.. I should go on it by the 6th, could I be pregnant, I have had no sign of being pregnant yet, and was the plan b still in me like is that why this one hasn't come yet because I took it last month? Help! "I'm 19 by the way!

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    Plan b does throw off your period... It might come at any time usually not normal time it should... Don't freak.. Sounds like you're not pregnant... If you were you wouldn't get your period at all not the 4th or anything like that.. Just wait.. If anything just take pregnancy test if it's negative we'll most likely it's correct... But everyone is different.. I've taken plan b a couple times and it would always work but apparently the only time I took it that same day it didn't work:/ so now im pregnant and im 20 and not ready

  • 7 years ago

    Did you take the pregnancy test yet to see if you are pregnant or not.

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