What are the different areas of the UK like?

Like Minnesota is cold and the people are nice and it's not too expensive. New York City is fast paced and loud and expensive.

I'm looking at moving to the UK next year. What are the different areas like? Cost of living? College life? I'm specifically looking into the following places: Staffordshire, London, Richmond upon Thames, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Fife, and Stirling.

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  • RR
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    6 years ago
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    You could reasonably easily gain a student visa but you would need to successfully apply for a job on the UKBA Shortage Occupation list or be posted here by an American company to gain a work visa.


    London is fast paced and very expensive, similar to New York. Richmond-upon-Thames is a wealthy borough of Greater London.

    Staffordshire is a county. It has quiet rural parts and busy towns such as Stafford (the county town), Burton upon Trent, Cannock, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Leek and Tamworth.

    Birmingham is a large city. It has some nice parts and some grim parts.

    Rather than pick a location, it would be better to pick a university that suits your needs. Here is a league table:


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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The weather is colder up north and wetter, in Aberdeen in particular and Stirling. Birmingham is a horrid, miserable city in my opinion. London is a fantastic place, my favourite place in the world in fact. Probably has the best weather overall, however, housing is very expensive apart from the poorer boroughs. Richmond is much the same. London is fast paced just like New York, I'd say London is best, if you can afford it. For universities, London is also probably best.

    Source(s): Resided in UK all my life, have been everywhere.
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  • 6 years ago

    Birmingham I think is awful a busy city with many cultures and also problems . I don't know some places you mention but London is fast paced busy very big expensive city. Aberdeen would have miserable and very cold weather. . Search the web and educational universities or what you want before you decide. There are some beautiful places in England. I love the Lake district and some of the towns around Dorset Devon areas. and many historical places of interest.

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  • TSK
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    6 years ago

    What makes you think you can just up sticks & settle in the UK? NOT heard of IMMIGRATION? We can not live in your country on a whim....

    SCHOOL? Mean what we call universities?.......THAT is not moving but just studying here....

    Of your list...Staffordshire is a county in the West Midlands of England...BORING..

    London is dear...

    Richmond IS A London borough IN SW of Greater London.....

    Aberdeen is in NE Scotland..Boom town due to OIL...

    Birmingham is a big city but NOT as good as MINE..Manchester....UNLIKE the other FRANKLY racist comment I for one LOVE the multicultural side of our cities..ONLY problems we face are NASTY ignorant comments like that one!!!

    Bristol is dull and a place people wish to escape from....

    Fife..A Scottish county and home to St Andrews where William & Kate studied...Crème de la crème of SCOTTISH universities...

    Stirling....Campus university....NOT top notch.....

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