Why does the CDC track suicidal ideation but not adult flu deaths?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The CDC as a rule does not track suicidal ideation. As far as i know, the CDC has published only one single study on suicide ideation. In that particular study, the data were derived from sending out questionnaires asking people about suicidal thoughts and suicidal actions, and not based on tracking actual incidences of ideation. There's no practical way to do this type of study with flu deaths since it would be more than a little insensitive to send this type of questionnaire to surviving relatives, and since the relatives are not medical professionals they would not necessarily know whether or not the flu was related to the death.

    Adult flu deaths are estimated each year, but the deaths are not tracked directly because the flu itself is rarely listed as a cause of death. Flu fatalities generally occur from respiratory complications such as pneumonia or SARS, and that's what usually gets recorded on the death certificate. This makes it extremely difficult to track flu deaths.

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