is it a good idea cut a hole in my hood and have a K@n filter stick out of it a little bit?

its for a 97 ford explorer v8. and does anyone know where I can find an aftermarket performance intake for it? I looked at all sorts of websites and auto stores and none seem to exist for my car. I even looked at some mustang sites to see if they had interchangeable parts and couldn't find any.


no the car is not older than me im 20 years old lol, and the car only has 97,000 miles on it and runs like a charm. i want to do this because i want it to have better mpg and horsepower. and i don't care if it costs more than what would be gained because i like working on the car its a hobby. and its not just an explorer its an individual with the explorer badge the goal is to have the car to exceed its parameters and be better...

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  • nizzle
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    7 years ago
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    K&N air filters don't mix well with MAF intake air sensing, yes they do flow more air(by not filtering as much) but when you go to clean it, avoid these 3 massive mistakes

    A.) you wont let it dry completely before reoiling it

    B.) you'll over oil it

    C.) you won't allow enough time for the oil to penetrate/seat

    (1 day to dry, 1 day to seat process)

    now any of these cases the oil will sail right off the filter to cover your MAF (mass air flow) which wont read the air coming in correctly

    when a "tuner"(loosely stated) brings in his car for a rough idle/jerky acceleration/no smooth coasting, and he has a K&N on a MAF equipped car then you have to clean his MAF and replace the filter as the first step to diagnosis.

    so again, K&N do allow more airflow but do not mix well with MAF sensors. I rock one on the jeep...because my jeep doesn't use a MAF but a MAP (Manifold absolute pressure) to measure difference in air pressure and assuming related air flow. I would be careful putting it on my Audi (MAF) thats why i haven't

    Great point stpaulguy,WOT effect only. (Quite a bit with my crawler jeep :)

    Hehe exploder true

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  • 7 years ago

    Don't do that. That Ford already has a cold air intake system so what your proposing to do will not help. The engines computer will auto adjust to air temp & density based on what it's programmed to do. The benefit will not out weigh the cost. However, there's no harm in dropping in a filter into the factory box if you at least want to give that a try.

  • 7 years ago

    They look cool and sound cool. They do NOTHING for performance. If you read the fine print you'll see that the increased HP only comes in at about 5,500 RPM. That's only because the throttle plate is fully open at that point. Below that, the engine can't take advantage of the increased airflow because the throttle plate is in the way.

    The whole concept on a MAF engine is bogus from the start. Carb yes, fuel injected with MAF, no.

  • 7 years ago

    Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Been in the business a lot of years and never saw anyone do that before but hey, there is always a first. If you want a performance vehicle maybe you should consider changing vehicles. Your explorer is fuel injected not carbureted. Not sure how much you would accomplish by changing the intake manifold. That might be why you are not finding one.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    not a good idea 1 when rains will hydro lock motor and or drowned it out .had it happen . 2 be to much air for a stock motor and will run funny .3 will look dumb it not a race car. hood scoop would look beter but still has a change of when rains drowns out . 4 just drive it as is

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  • 7 years ago


    Those filters do not work well when wet with water.

    If you want a cold air intake system- take a few measurements, and make your own. If you want it cheap and not flashy just use PVC tubing. If you want it flashy get inter cooler tubing off of e-bay (polished aluminum) and rubber couplings (silicon hose).

  • Harry
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    7 years ago

    i wouldnt worry about it to much anyway, heck im surprised a 97 exploder is still on the road.

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