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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 6 years ago

What's your theory on a REALISTIC WW3?

In my theory, as we all know, when the USSR collaspe, 15 republics form. But let's say Boris Yeltsin did a worser job as Russian Presudent and be ause of that a new Revolution begins in 1994. By 2006, the Democratics Surrendered to the Bolsheviks and Russia is once again a communist state. In 2013, A dictador name Viktor Trosky orders an invasion on Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to reform the Soviet Union. China believes that they should take back Mongolia and the Koreas. They first invade Mongolia and sign a pact with Russia. after all the republics are under Russisn Occupation, Russia launches a Campaign into Europe to have Europe under Communism. DR of the Congo joins the alliance and so does Egypt, Iran, Cubs and Iraq. US warns Cuba not to invade Puerto Rico but invades anyway and the US declares war on the cuba and their allies. To side form. Allies Powers and the Russian Alliance. What's your theory?

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  • Yun
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    6 years ago
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    I'm actually thinking about a possible future one.

    Right now we already have the potential shape for WWIII in the works.

    The lynchpin for a potential global conflict is China.

    They have an economy that is growing toward one of the largest in the world. However, that process is slowing and they are experiencing a growing internal stress. Their economy is built around government projects and other large expenatures directed by the leadership of the nation. They sell their products to the world but then use the money they make mostly for government ends. So, they are getting themselves into an increasing level of debt.

    Economically they must shift to more consumer goods internally, or face inability to continue growth. They are overcrowded and lack the resources to truly be self-sufficient. Socially, the mix of Communist control with Capitalist business has created a largely ignored (and angry because of it) Middle Class of businessmen. Worse, their one child policy has led to families only wanting boy children, so that there are far more men than women, causing a lot of anger and social change. Add to that the desire for more freedom and the way the Communist system still is willing to kill anyone that wants to change the government.

    So, China is very volatile. Just a little bit of an economic downturn could push them into a serious internal conflict.

    What I think is likely to happen is that China will come close to that, and that they will see the only opportunity to avoid collapse is to take the space and resources that they need.

    The only easy place for the Chinese to take those things is from Siberia. That means taking Siberia from Russia. Portions of Siberia were once Chinese territory anyway, and had been taken by the Russians in previous wars.

    I think China will attack Russia.

    The question is where will it go from there.

    North Korea shares a border with Russia and is a Chinese ally. I imagine they would be forced into the war in order to help cut off Russian support to or from Vladivostok and the Eastern coast of Russia.

    The potential for North Korea to expand or get stronger from this deal with the Chinese would almost certainly scare South Korea.

    The real swing vote in this is the US and NATO. If they decide to sit it out, Russia will almost certainly lose, and that gives the potential for nuclear exchange or for China rising as the new global power with the resources and space to accomplish a massive growth of economy.

    If the US and/or NATO joins in, the war would become very ugly and it's hard to say who would win.

    That would almost certainly trigger a war between North and South Korea, which would be supported by the Chinese to distract Western support from Russia.

    It is also possible that the massive economic and military expendatures that would be needed to support such a war for the Western nations would create a power vacuum in the Middle East, allowing Iran to move on either Iraq or Afghanistan, making the whole thing into a global conflict.

    As far as the China against Russia scenario, there are already several books about it. "The Bear and the Dragon" and "Protect and Defend" both are based on the idea of the US being pulled into a war defending Russia against China.

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  • 6 years ago

    That's one of the most unrealistic scenarios I've ever seen. It'd be perfect for a B-movie, comic book, or Call of Duty game, but otherwise is about as realistic as Star Wars.

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  • 6 years ago

    I know exactly what would happen.

    Nuclear war would wipe out most of the planet.

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  • 6 years ago

    That peace will reign and there will be no WW3.

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