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What's your theory on a REALISTIC WW3?

In my theory, as we all know, when the USSR collaspe, 15 republics form. But let's say Boris Yeltsin did a worser job as Russian Presudent and be ause of that a new Revolution begins in 1994. By 2006, the Democratics Surrendered to the Bolsheviks and Russia is once again a communist state. In 2013, A dictador name Viktor Trosky orders an invasion on Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to reform the Soviet Union. China believes that they should take back Mongolia and the Koreas. They first invade Mongolia and sign a pact with Russia. after all the republics are under Russisn Occupation, Russia launches a Campaign into Europe to have Europe under Communism. DR of the Congo joins the alliance and so does Egypt, Iran, Cubs and Iraq. US warns Cuba not to invade Puerto Rico but invades anyway and the US declares war on the cuba and their allies. To side form. Allies Powers and the Russian Alliance. What's your theory?

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    That entire scenario you just came up with was weak sauce man.

    This is a much more realistic scenario-

    Growing tensions between Israel and Iran escalate and Israel conducts a strike on Irans nuclear sites. Iran invades Israel. The US and other European powers aid Israel in repelling the Iranian counterattack. The Western powers invade Iran and are about to topple the last regime in the middleast. In order to avoid a American dominated middleast with monopoly oil prices China and Russia send reinforcements to Iran to repel the attack. The UN struggles to come to a resolution but war breaks out between the superpowers.

    North Korea invades South Korea on claims of terrorism. North Korea quickly overruns south Korea. The US regains control of south Korea by deploying the 7th fleet. The US invades North Korea. Before the capital Pyongyang falls the North Korean dictatorship detonates a small nuclear device killing 40,000 US troops. China reinforces North Korea in order to stop a US dominated Korea and a North Korea with no stable government to feed the 25 million refugees. Fighting breaks out and the US and China fall into war. China also stages and invasion of Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan in order to push the US out of the east Asia region.

    The year is 2035. Tensions are rising all over the world as global warming, rampant famine, drought, and financial collapse loom over the globe. Rising oil prices skyrocket as the last barrels of available oil runs out. The world plummets into financial collapse. The US although suffering massively is doing substantially better than the rest of the world due to their vast reserves of oil left in Alaska and the American Midwest. The US has alsoformed a almost brotherly bond with Canada who has the worlds leading energy left. The US and Canada now choose to isolate themselves and only share between themselves, Europe and their east Asian allies. China who has nearly 0 energy resources only has one option. They invade Alaska. They sign a deal with Russia and dozens of other countries in order to take from the US what they deem should have been shared. A massive war breaks out in Alaska as the two sides seek to win Alaska. European forces rush to North America to aid the US. China and Russia devastate US back eastern Asian nations. The Sino-Russian alliance eventually push the Euro-American forces back down into Canada. The Russians and Chinese quickly follow the fleeing American force.

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