How many brochures should I leave at a business?

I haven't done a brochure marketing campaign before but I'm planning on starting one. In my area there are literally hundreds of related businesses that are not competition and many I know would be more than willing to display my brochures in their lobby. My question is, how many brochures should I leave at each business? 5? 10? More? I am trying to figure out how many brochures to order.

If it makes any difference, I will be leaving them in pet related businesses- vet offices, dog groomers, pet stores, feed stores, horse tack shops, etc.

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  • Judy
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    6 years ago
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    Maybe 5-8 most of the time, 10-15 at a very bust retail place.

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  • Print is dead. You should partner with them via social media. Like for like on facebook. Put your business on linkedin and follow their companies if they promise to follow yours. Most of the time the brochures end up in the garbage even if they say they'll display them. Convert your brochure to a multimedia presentation you can email to folks who are interested. If you think you need print, convert your brochure into a coupon, give someone a reason to contact you, make sure you use words like, limited time, but refrain from an expiration date so you don't need to print new coupons. If you have any current clients, ask them for testimonials to use on LinkedIn.

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    Hello Friend,

    I have done offline marketing. As per brochure marketing is concerned I suppose u should leave around 6-7. Its up to your design. If your design is good then u will get more sales lead.

    If u need any help, u can mail me.


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  • Hugo90
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    6 years ago

    You really should be doing something for them if you want unpaid space in their shop.

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