Whats the deal with my ex? Snapchat Stalking! Should I sext?

I was dating a guy from September to mid November. It ended badly but nobody cheated, both of us are flirts though, and i took it a bit too far because his friend wouldn't leave me alone, and kept hitting me up. He broke up with me because he thought I was getting too serious about him. Anyways its been 2 months, and we haven't really talked, but I readded him on snap chat (he requested, it took me like 4 weeks to add him). I sent him a snap or two but he didnt respond. But I noticed he was stalking my 'My story' pretty consistently. Actually completely consistently. Like every update. This has been going on for 3 weeks (since I added him) but he hasn't tried to talk to me at all. But he is stalking me constantly. Which is funny because he told me that he doesn't think about me at all anymore anyways when we were breaking up. Whats the deal? Does it mean anything at all? Should I try to talk to him? We werent together for very long but i feel like he's really special....

I should also mention that I'm 22 and he's 20. Which was weird for me at first, to the point where i didn't give him a chance. (He started pursuing me in June and I didn't go on a date with him until August). It seems that as we hung out more I fell in love with him, and he fell out of love with me. I would like to make things work, but I don't understand what he wants. He ignored my snaps but he won't stop stalking me. I'm debating whether to call him or to block him (Snapchat is the only means of social networking that I haven't blocked him from).

Also we used to send sexy snaps all the time, would it be weird to sext him? Do you think he would just ignore it?


early november*****

Update 2:

Well i guess the real question is whether i should pursue our relationship again or not. Like, if hes just stalking me to **** with me then I want to block him, but if its worth pursuing then I would totally sext #slut

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  • 7 years ago
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    Just do #yolo

  • Jacob
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    7 years ago

    Wait a second. He's stalking you on Snapchat and you don't know either to block him or not and yet you're asking if you should sext him?

    If the option of sexting is an open option to you, then do you really have a problem with him following you on Snapchat?

    Wait help me out with this. you've blocked him from every social network except for Snapchat, he's been stalking that, you don't know whether to block him fully if he just to **** with you but yet you're fully prepared to sext him? Isn't that the same as letting him **** with you?

    Look at the facts. Haven't talked much, blocked him on nearly everything, he's following you online, doesn't reply and you're considering sexting him. No,I don't believe you should pursue our relationship again.

    On another note, sexting? Bad idea, especially with your ex who you don't know what he's up to.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    What's yo snapchat boo

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Find another guy and just do it ")

    Ditch the stalker - sexting aint fun if its with someone who needs psychiatric help!

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