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What are some good ideas to represent the Libertarian Party?

Some classmates and me are supposed to talk about the Libertarian Party and we were planning on making a video about it, but what would be a good scenario that would represent the Libertarian Party?

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    Look at their political platform. They're an organized party with a website; it's not hard to find. As to making a video, there aren't really "scenarios" that can accurately depict what a libertarian believes. You'd be better off comparing and contrasting them against the established Democratic and Republican platforms.

    I'd agree with Riot that they're one of the less hypocritical parties; when they say they want less government involvement, they apply that across the board. I do think some of their policy suggestions may be a bit impractical or naive, though.

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    I would gladly be a libertarian were it not for the fact that other people want the freedom to do things that I find totally objectionable.

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    One thing I have to respect about libertarians is their consistency with political issues. Wen they say they want less government, they mean everywhere. Unlike republicans who want government so small it fits in your vagina.

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    bacially a libertarian is a conservative that doesnt mind liberals existing. they are like, "you can be homo in your own house, but dont be homo with me" kind of people

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    How about they disband.

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