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Are Capricorn Moons really selfish?

I've been romantically involved with a Cappy Moon man for 5 years (on and off.) We're both young and we've both moved around alot the past 3 years, gone to school, explored, we've both experienced different things, but still maintain this deep love and attraction for one another. We're drawn like magnets. Whenever I'm with him, I feel completely at peace.

The man I'm talking about is a Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon, Cancer Rising, Taurus Merc., Venus in Taurus, and Mars in Aries.

I'm a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon, Pisces Rising, Cancer Merc., Venus in Gemini, and Mars in Aries.

My questions are these:

1. Are we a good match?

2. Why does he get annoyed by me when I'm emotional, YET he is the most sensitive guy I know. He hides his feelings until they explde and he ends up punching holes in walls or insulting me just so I'll fight with him. My dad is also a Capricorn Moon and he is extremely sensitive, only when his feelings are hurt. He has a hard time feeling sympathy for other people though or admitting when he is wrong. Is this just a Cappy Moon thing?

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    Yes Capricorn Moon can be like anyone else, just like any other sign. All this generalizing into Sun Signs is irritating. Look at Dwads/Degrees for detailed informations.

    I am BY Sign a Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon as well. I am very sensitive emotional and I hide away from people an situations often. I am very quiet and I am pretty non-confrontational, unless I want something. My Sun (and Moon, Venus, Pluto) is on Water Degrees (Dwads) and birth date and Sun Degrees is associated with Moon/Cancer. I am sometimes imaginative and I get paranoid from time to time, but never as paranoid as when I had Paranoid Schizophrenia.

    For some reason he trys to appear strong, I sometimes get like this when people don't listen to me or won't do what I am asking them to do. It is like everything built up inside of me, the prson has Off Set my balance and I get upset, frustrated easily. It's like not caring about me, and my desires, comes back at you..... Do you feel or get that at all? It's difficult to understand, but eventually, you can understand. It doesn't help when people all around you are trying to act tough or intelligent, in that case you will do what you can to hide your sensitivities. You have to at least Get Along in life... It's not easy to feel so small and lonely in life. I do Believe, that Capricorn Moon is sensitive if not more sensitive than other Moon signs, especially Aries and Libra. They are more social and hi-attitude, avoids expression of feelings.. Capricorn Moon just Trys to control or limits their emotional life so they can keep on living. At least that is my experience.. I am a Leo/Scorpio Moon in Capricorn

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    1. Yes Cancers go well with Gemini and Taurus.

    2. I think he feels like he is the one who has to express his emotions and you are mostly there to inspire him. That is not a capricorn moon thing it's a taurus thing with cancers. I know the moon is said to be the planet of emotions but I don't believe in moon signs.

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    He may have Moon sq Mars and just never learned to work through his anger. When someone is punching holes in the walls,they were doing this long before they met you. That's not selfish ,but anger management issues..he may even have been a bully as a child,because he was bullied at home.,and could not express himself in a healthy manner without being punished. Beware, you've got a potential abuser to deal with long term, if he does not seek help or you remove yourself.

    But No,in History you find the worst and best in All configurations and movements of planets.Your Family environment is the training ground and incubation of your energies .If something is a challenge, part of evolving is learning the best way to be human.

    *Maybe you can encourage him to be more physically active..outside the home,if you choose to stay.

    Source(s): Cancer Sun/Cap Moon/Cap Mars
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    I am a Cap moon and have no problems expressing myself or feel sympathy for others and I certainly don't punch holes in walls. That would be stupid and will cost me money and time to fix that.

    Leo sun

    Cap moon

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