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Can a soy bean plant bare fruit more than once?

I'm looking for plants that continuously reproduce fruit, though i need soy in my garden badly i would hate to be pulling them out after each harvest an replanting them. Seems kinda like a *** hole thing to do.

Thanks in advance all :)

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    That's the nature of soybeans,sorry. There are some kinds of beans, pole beans, that will continue to bear for a few months. The more you harvest the beans as they appear, the more it will continue to make.

    Bush beans, though, pretty much present a huge load of beans all at once, and then they're dome. Soy beans are bush beans. (And ALL beans are annuals, living only one season)

    Tomatoes and peppers are plants that will continue to flower and produce fruit until frost kills them. They can bear for a long time. Especially if you live somewhere that doesn't have much winter.

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    The soy is a legume. The pod is not edible and it takes time for the seeds to develop, this triggers an auxin that tells the plant it's job is done. I suppose some Burbank out there could produce a soy that can be harvested immature and re-bloom, but a warm climate would be needed.

    Scincegravy, locust trees are perennial, as are Kentucky coffee trees and mimosa. Those seeds are beans.

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    imho,..your concept is flawed..Starting over, tilling the soil, rotating crops, upsets the insect cycle..

    Soybeans bring nitrogen to the soil... as composted roots...etc..

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    bens are not fruit they are vegetable

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