How can I become a child model?

I'm 13 years old. People say I'm photogenic, and I should model, but I feel like I'm too short. I'm five feet two inches, however since I haven't started my period yet, my doctor says that by 14 I'll be pretty tall.

What should I do to get into modeling? My parents are all for it, and even sent some really nice snapshots of me to Wilhelmina.

I'm 13, five feet two inches, and 100 pounds.( as stated before)

Modeling schools are scams. I just want to model in commercials, and on ads. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Should I create another portfolio? Try calling another agency?

My parents kept on giving me false hope that Wilhelmina would call us and want me to be a model, and I'm just really angry right now. I don't want false reassurance. I want to model!

HELP? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Are there any legitimate modeling agencies near Ohio, Georgia, Pittsburgh, or New York? Thank you.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Apply and see any agency that could hire you based on your qualifications. Generally, modelling only takes place once you r an adult.

  • 7 years ago

    I think you might be too old for child modeling, you are at a rough age where you aren't a child, but since you haven't hit puberty you aren't seen as an adult. Give it a couple years and then start offering to model for free for photographers and build up a portfolio for agencies to look at.

  • 7 years ago

    No agency will look at you until you are at least 5'7" at your age. It doesn't matter how tall you will be. You have to have your growth spurt first

    Wilhelmina has a minimum height requirement of 5'8" for age 13 and up

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