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is this natural for her?

I just adopted a akc registered chocolate lab....she is a senior citizen (9 yrs old) I didn't think nothing of it upon purchasing her....but her boobs are saggy....just the 2 in the back! Is this common for her age....I have owned labs before but never saw one with saggage as such

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    First, this forum is for human medicine, not for pets. However, I'll help you out.

    This indicates that at some point, she was pregnant and had a litter of puppies. Once puppies have used her nipples, they tend to be a bit more droopy like that. Nothing to worry about.

  • 7 years ago

    is there any way she could maybe have become pregnant? the same happened to my dog a week or two before she gave birth...

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    wrong forum

    try dogs

    we got humans here


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