the embarrassing question about my organ!!!!?

Ok do women prefer a handsome man with about 4 1/2 in organ or a not so attractive man? The reason I ask this is it got me concern, my buddy and his dad were talking about they have big organs for Mexicans, and that women like big organs, so I felt like we'll im actually out of the scale from 1 through 10 , im a 9 or 10 from what women say... it's I felt like maybe there right? I'm not cocky but I can get really creative with sex and make women reach climax, but I sometimes wonder if they just want to have sex because im good looking? Does my organ really have to be 7in to please a women please help!!!!

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  • Sophia
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    7 years ago
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    I'd take a tall, handsome man with a small penis over an unattractive man with a huge one. Penis size is of little relevance when I'm looking for a good partner, especially if he's talented with his mouth lol :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    4 1/2? Is that the diameter or the length......?

  • Size doesn't matter... well that's what me and my friends think.

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