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Springfield 1903 ladder sights?

I'm thinking about getting a 1903 Springfield. I don't really like the look of the A3 and the ladder sights interest me. Are the sights on the ladder pretty efficient once you get the hang of them and know how to use them?

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    Yes, My grandad's 1903 " Star Gauged " Springfield long range sights are STILL set where he had them and used them 1200 yards. And he was making head shots at that range when a head poked up.

    Accurate enough if the guy behind them is that good.

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    The ladder sights are accurate but are very sensitive to damage. Also at the greater distances you will find you really have to angle the gun up based upon the sight. At 1000 yards the back of the gun has to be almost two inches lower than the barrel tip. That is a real hard angle to hold and shoot as the butt of the stock is very low, almost in your arm pit.

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    Crappy for combat. Ok on a target range.

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