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i know i have add.. but theres a problem.?

Focusing has always been a huge problem for me, i can't seem to focus on anything without getting distracted by the littlest things. like even when i try to go to the library and study, i still somehow get distracted and find myself daydreaming or something like that.

i have tried adderall because my friend is prescribed it and he said i could have one. i took it, not expecting much, and all i have to say is... wow! i got so much of the stuff done that i would have never thought was even possible for me. i already get decent grades in school (A's, A-'s, and B's) theres a big mix up of grades that i get in school. but i have always thought to myself that if it was possible for me to actually focus, i could get straight A's.

you might tell me now, "well tell your mother and go to the doctor!". well there is a big problem with that. my mom does not trust me anymore with anything. i got caught smoking marijuana by her and ever since she is always in my face about, where i am, who I'm with, what I'm doing, don't do this don't do that 24/7. although i quit and haven't done it since then, she is always suspicious and she is a smart woman also, it is very hard to deceive her.

i really feel a need to go see a doctor about my problems that i am having. I'm just afraid that my mom will never believe me and that i am just drug seeking. i don't know what to do. if i ask her she might get angry and accuse me and then my problem won't ever be solved, if i don't I'm going to keep having trouble, i don't want something that is fixable to hold me back.


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    Just tell her you don't feel well or seek prayer.

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