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house death history?

I moved into my home about 2011.

we have no idea how old the house is.

We guess about 150 years.

We dont really have paranormal expierences.

But one night my brother woke up to a blonde girl that looked about 24 standing at the end of his bedwith a candle in her hand.

I have seen a girl with black hair and a white dress behind his door at night she looked 5 or 6.

One time in the shower i looked out and saw a young blonde girl.then she was gone.

i was also on my bed when my dog attacked and barkedat the air with he has done twice.

We hear whistling and footsteps from upstairs when we are all downstairs.

Where can we get free searches on our house death history?

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    Here are several orgaizations. Google "Paranormal Organizations---there are many who can answer your mystery.

    American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP) - Non-profit educational association offers examples, techniques and explanations related to Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC).

    The Anomaly Response Network - Online database for tracking and searching "anomalies", including ghost and UFO activity. Site also features a paranormal news and commentary blog.

    Aquarian Age Information Central - Run by VJ Enterprises, this site describes the transformation of our world into a Golden Age by 2013. Covers UFOs, crystal skulls, the New Age, networking and Peru.

    The Atlantic Paranormal Society - New England-based group offers articles, chat, and case files relating to hauntings, angelology and demonology, nature spirits, and the technical side of investigation. TAPS is well-known for its founders, Sci Fi channel's "Ghost Hunters".

    Canadian Association of Ufology and Paranormal Phenomena - Collects paranormal activity and UFO sighting reports. Includes an article collection covering UFO's, conspiracy theories, and paranormal phenomena.

    Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations - Serving 804 area code, as well as Hampton Roads, Tidewater, Chesapeake, and VA Beach. Site includes audio & video evidence files, and a podcast.

    Chasing Midnight - Ghosts, UFOs, unexplained mystery’s. Exclusive 24 hour paranormal newsfeed. Video and trip reports from across the world. Coming soon our paranormal friend finder.

    Creepy Hollows - Paranormal community specializing in spirits, spells, and magic. Features an encyclopedia, blog, investigation records, and forum.

    Gulf Coast Ghost Hunters Association - Paranormal group located in Corpus Christi, TX, serving Texas and surrounding states

    Heart of Pennsylvania Paranormal Society - Group based in central Pennsylvania, serving the Williamsport, Hughesville, Muncy area and surrounding. Site includes audio and video samples from invesitgations.

    Hellenic UFO Reporting Center - Reports and research in Greek on UFOs, exo-biology, asteroids and other space phenomena.

    International Society For Paranormal Research - Parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz and his team investigate ghosts, hauntings, psychics. Investigations, presentations, and testing available for a fee.

    L.I.F.E. Foundation - Nonprofit organization that refers people to paranormal investigators in their area.

    Michigan Anomalous Information Network - Michigan's only full-scale paranormal research/investigation organization.

    Moorestown Ghost Research - Offers case files and articles related to the investigation of ghosts, demons, and other paranormal activity. Collections of articles and photos address "false positive" images, "paranormal theology", and investigation group management.

    Motor City Ghost Hunters - Detroit-based paranormal investigators serving southeastern Michigan

    Paranormal Awareness Society - P.A.S. - Provides a paranormal glossary and image gallery. P.A.S. hosts The Paranormal Exchange where investigative groups can refer and be referred cases.

    Paranormal Research Organization - Supporting field researchers and investigators, and providing educational resources for enthusiasts. Includes articles and member biographies.

    Penn State Paranormal Research Society - Presents research, paranormal articles, and the psychologists corner. Publishes PI Veritas Magazine online and hosts the annual UNIV-CON paranormal conference at Penn State University.

    Perception9 Paranormal - Community based paranormal and supernatural help, guidance and research. Resources include article collections, media and workshops, as well as a discussion forum.

    Philadelphia Area Paranormal Society - Pennsylvania-based paranormal researchers and investigators. Site offers case files, articles on equipment usage, and a breakdown of causes for "orbs".

    The Scottish Society for Psychical Research - Lectures and investigations into the paranormal in Scotland.

    Shadow Research, Inc. - Unusual event research. UFO's and other unusual events researched and investigated.

    The Shadowlands - A group in Tennessee that maintains a very wide reaching ghost investigation group that uses a very scientific, skeptical approach to ghost hunting.

    Society of Paranormal Investigators - Based in Singapore, site include numerous discussion forums and the SPI portal blog.

    Southeast Paranormal Investigation and Research Team of Pennsylvania - Paranormal investigators serving the Philadelphia, PA area. Site include case history and information on local charitable events.

    The Temples of Wisdom - A place for spiritual counseling in the afterlife during the process of reincarnation.

    Tennessee Spirits Paranormal Investigations - Middle Tennessee-based group investigating ghosts, crytozoology, UFO phenomena. Include case and general paranormal information, as well as several podcasts.

    Texas Revenant Society - Offers paranormal investigation for Houston and surrounding areas. Offers description of services, photographs, recordings and information on investigations.

    Trails End Paranormal Society - Headquartered in Oregon, TEPS performs paranormal research as well as several historic preservation projects. They also host the Rose City Paranormal Conference.

    Veritas Society - An online community teaching their approach to the metaphysical arts, such as psi, chi, and magick, through a wiki and public forums.

    Weird Wisconsin - Research center devoted to Weird Wisconsin phenomena, from bigfoot to vampires to werewolves to ghosts to ghouls and other assorted dread nasties.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    There is no such website. The only way to find out your houses history is to stroll down to city hall and ask to see the records on your address. There is no database that tracks this - the size and money involved in maintaining this would be astronomical.

    For the record, there are no such things as ghosts. What there is, is over active imaginations and wishful thinking. Old houses make lots of noise.

  • Maxi
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    7 years ago

    This explains how to research house history........ you will then also need to look at census returns for the address and bmd in the local parish records along with newspaper archives for any stories available in your library.............. so hope you like lots of research......... maybe easier asking neighbours and not getting too carried away with 'seeing' and 'hearing' ghosts

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    Could you possibly send a blonde about 24 over to my bed?

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  • Laura
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    5 years ago

    My advice is to find another paranormal investigative group. Usually the paranormal group would find that out for you. I know this because ive worked with several in my area and have talked to many in other states.

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