I can't even look at me anymore. I wanna lose weight.?

The thing is that even though i hate my body and i desperately wanna lose weight,i binge as hell. I hate myself for eating so much. Sometimes after binging i puke -and i hate that as well. Only if i could lose some weight and eat like a normal person..why can't i be normal? I am at a normal weight but not a thin normal. Looking at my thighs makes me really sad. When i'm fuuull and i keep eating i actually think of killing my self-not gonna do it. How will i stop binging and lose weight? I need to lose like 10-12 pounds, not a lot. But i need to. I wanna feel comfortable with my body. How will i lose it? How will i convince myself to stop binging?

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  • 7 years ago
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    it's an addiction - it's hard to break but if you make yourself eat normal for a couple weeks you'll find it's a lot easier to do it after that

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Simply exercise and cut out all junk food/sweets from your diet. For the binging, our words can't make you stop. Only you can stop. Just think about how badly you want to lose weight.

    Whenever workouts get real tough and I feel like quitting, I set up a mirror right by my mat so I see my problem areas like big thighs or whatever, and that makes me think "oh god, I don't want huge thighs anymore, better deal with the pain and keep working those legs" It helps my motivation stay up. You can try something like this to help you stay motivated too.

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