I feel terrible and depressed because i got ripped off at New York City?

I'm not sure what the proper term for what happened but anyways i arrived here at new york city for a trip to watch the ball drop but i ended up giving away 100 dollars to these mixtape sellers on tbe street. This is what happened, i went up to one of them just to buy his cd but then after he was about to give it to me he asked for a donation so i wanted to give him at least 5 then all of his other rapping partners came up and surrounded me about 8 of them and kept asking me for a tip and donation to each and they all gave their mixtapes at once and asked for more money and did not know what to do so i ended up giving 100 dollars total for all of those cds. i feel depressed as **** now and i gotta stay a few more days here until i go back to my hometown. someone give me their past experiences about these street sellers its really making me suicidal for doing such a stupid thing when i could have just ran away.

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  • Wendy
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    7 years ago
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    You are a victim of robbery and you should report it to the Police. You were in fear of your life and didn't "give" anything, as they forced you to do it. It is a crime and they should be dealt with just like any other criminal. Report it, while you are still in New York City. Don't be so hard on yourself. You probably saved your life by parting with your money and then getting away from them. Some people are not so fortunate.

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