I have another yahoo account but I can not openned, what can I do in order to recover that account?

I did not openned my excite account in more tan 5 years and I forgot my excite password, so I can no retrive the code you have sent me. Can we use this new yahoo account instead?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Excite will close mail accounts that have not been accessed for 60 days.

    Sorry, Yahoo can only send a password reset link to the alternative email address you have listed on file. You can also have a code sent by text message to your mobile phone number or you can answer your secret questions to reset your password.

    Should you continue to have difficulty resetting your password or accessing your Yahoo account please contact Yahoo directly:


    Select Yahoo Account

    Under Topic, select Password and Sign In

    Under Sub-topic, select Unable to Sign In

    Under Recommended Options, click Email

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