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Buy or sell! Heat are a 50 win team without Lebron James?


@ Adam! I said stop comparing Trash to Jordan. Lebrick Shames will never be Jordan

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    Buy. The 2009-10 Miami Heat were 48-24 with Wade, Beasley and Jermaine O'Neal as their 3 leading scorers. Beasley is still on the team, Bosh is better than O'Neal, and Battier and Allen beat out Quentin Richardson and Rafer Alston.

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    Maybe, look at the Bulls last year, they went to the second round of the playoffs without your boy Rose.

    But I think you need to see many games without Lebron to really know how well they would play without him instead of one game where the opposing team probably did not get up for the game because Lebron did not play or had a game plan for Lebron and he did not play. Also many times when a star of a team does not play the other people steps the first or second game. The Lakers the day after they learned that kobe will missed about 6-8 weeks won big against a good Timberwolves team with Kevin Love had a big game but since that game the Lakers has not played well. So I think it is hard to say how well they would do without Lebron.

    Bosh had a good game but you clowns do not realize that Bosh up to this game had made 1 three point shot out of 15 tries which is less than 10% and against the Blazer he was 3-3.

  • I think they'd win more games without James. LeBald is a cancer, especially in the clutch. Why count on LeBald to hit a miracle shot that he almost never gets in? When you have actual CLUTCH players like Wade, Allen, Bosh.

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    Buy. Heat can get 50 w/o Lbj

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  • Well we know the 90's bulls where able to win 55 games in 94 without Jordan....soooo whats your point

    So to prove u lack brain power u prove my are accussing LeBron of the same things Jordan did and when we prove you wrong you tell us we cant talk about it.....loser.

    Source(s): LeBron will be the greatest. Why struggle you will only lose the argument. In 10 years when hes done and being paraded as one the best ever you will look stupid
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    Sell. Team is a bunch of scraps put together.

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