Does my friend like me more than friends?

He'll look at me a lot during conversations in a group.

I've seen him looking at me from the corner of my eye.

When he swings his chair around to speak to one of the guys, his body is facing me, his shoulders are relaxed.

He gives me eye contact when I'm talking to him.

He laughs at what I say, if he says something funny, he'll look at me.

He's complimented me a couple times.

He's called me pet names like "cute, adorable, sweetie-pie" he has also called me gorgeous, but I was drunk, not sure how drunk he was(he kept kissing my forehead/hair when he was saying it)

He's kissed me, just a quick peck (I was drunk, I think he was too)

He'll make fun of me, in a nice way. (Because I'm never ill, he jokes about me having 'vegan powers')

He keeps touching my hair, when he walks past me he'll 'bop' me on my hair

I have seen him check me out a couple times

Does he like me or find me attractive, or is he just being friendly? I find him attractive (I get butterflies when he sends me a snapchat... I know kinda sad)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


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