Can I be a cna in illinois?

When I was about 14/15 I got arrested for stealing at kohlz. I got a ticket, never had to go to court. They did fingerprint me and take a pic then my mom had to pick me up. I also got a drinking ticket when I was 15 and went to court and paid a fine. They told me as long as I do good all of it should be erased off my record. I'm now 17 starting a cna class in January. They do a background check but idk if all that's on my record. Even if it is can I take the class? Remember I didn't go to court for the retail theft it was just a fine but drinking ticket I went to court. All of this was about 3 years ago. Thanks

1 Answer

  • I highly doubt anything will happen. My biological mom has a huge record and felonies but they let her take the classes. Good luck to you!

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