how does a biliteracy award help you in the future?

ok so for those of you who dont know what a biliteracy award is a biliteracy award is an award you get either in the fifth grade or in the eight depending when you choose on doing it im doing it in the 8th grade and what it basically is, is that you have learned the languages english and spanish proficiently and they give you a medal and some certificate in the 8th grade promotion to get this you have to have:

-proficient or above in competency exams

- proficient or above on the 7th grade CST in English Language Arts

- oral proficiency in spanish in spanish as demonstrated in a 3-5 min presentation in front of a panel

- grades B or higher in english and spanish language arts

- written essay in spanish with a rubric score of 3 or above. essay must be at least 300 words typed. students must research the career of there choice and include why their being bilingual will be important in the career chosen

- completion of 10 community service hours using spanish language skills and write a 300 word essay about it


- a personal response essay based upon there attendance at two pre-approved events from a culture other than there own

So do you think this is worth it and how will it help me in the future btw i am qualified for this!

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  • 7 years ago
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    It won't have too much impact when applying to colleges, because you're getting it in 8th grade and typically only qualifications from 9th grade up are counted.

    However, just being literate both Spanish and English is hugely helpful, not only for getting into college but more so for finding a job. Many employers look specifically for bilingual people, no matter what field you're going into.

    Still, that does not mean you should not apply for and get this award. If you think you deserve it, go for it, and maybe it will have more of an impact than I suspect. Good luck sweetie.

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