Should I go for Civil Engineering or Mechanical or none?

I love math it is probably one of my favorite subjects and I am really good at it

BUT I am somewhat weak in physics

I took my basic physics subjects and now doing IGCSE A2 (more advanced such as AP physics) physics and struggling a bit but I am surviving

- I am ready to study hard and work hard for it

So would Civil engineering or Mechanical be a good field for me?


Oh and is chemistry an important part?

cause i only took it once in 9th grade and then decided i didn't need it


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  • kasab
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    7 years ago
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    All engineering disciplines take interest and devotion. Physics is the main ingredient for all engineering courses, and you should be good at it. If you were only good in maths, then that would not be much help.

  • fuzzy
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    7 years ago

    civil eng is more about structures & mechanical about machinery. That's an oversimplification . Which you want to go for depends on what your tastes are. It is possible to change over either during your course or in later life.

    Chemistry come into both when you start studying material strength but is not a major part of engineering except Chemical Eng.

    Engineering courses try to give you a broad education in as many areas as possible so when you run into problems in a new field you have some idea of where to look for information.

    both mech & civil have very broad applications & what you need to know & where you end up is hard to predict. At the end of your course you will (hopefully) get a job & start to LEARN. Fresh graduates are 98% useless but the good ones learn fast.

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