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How can I move to London?

I am 23 years old and I am from south africa. I really want to live and work in london. It is my dream! I do not have any ancestors that are british so I cannot apply for an ancestry visa and the 2 year working/holiday visa is no longer an option for younf south africans. What other options do I have? Are they south african companies or any other companies that employ south africans in the uk? How can I move to the uk?

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    Hi Pristine! I totally understand that the lure for the British £ can sometimes be irresistible, but you need to realise that like you, millions try their luck yearly! Competition to get into the U.K. is hence one of the fiercest in immigration history. People from the poorest countries are now getting in through asylum schemes and only those who are the most qualified and professionals can now move there. Frankly speaking, your chances as a South African are very dim. I’ll suggest you try sorting yourself out in South Africa itself, as European immigration is now mostly impossible. Hope to have answered your question and all the best.

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    You don't have any visa possibilities (other than a tourist one)

    The only work visas are for those on the UKBA shortage list - all are highly qualified positions. If you were a very high-up executive in an international company, your work might be able to transfer you, but I assume that's not an option either.

  • JOHN G
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    Sunshine is correct, even if you could get a contract from a SA company in the UK that's all it would be , a work contract, it wouldn't entitle you to get settlement, if the contract ended or you left the company you would have to return home..

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Call the British Consulate!

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