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How do I get a job at a shoe store like footlocker, champs, finish line etc. ?

I am in high school and i am currently looking for a job in a shoe store.

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    1) fill out a job application (either online or through mail)

    2) wat to be called,

    3) dress nice, act Professional and list all the positives in your job interview,

    4) pray really hard you get the job,

    5) wait for the call letting you know you have the job.

    Source(s): remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression, make this one count ;/
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    When you apply to a shoe store attach a short cover letter to your application indicating that working in a shoe store is especially appealing to you and state the reason why. Many applicants are just going through the motions and this might make your application stand out from the others when the store has an opening.

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    I'm not sure.. But usually Target is easy to get a job in, maybe get some experience there and then apply for footlocker.

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