should I text him first??

I really fancy this guy and I sorta think/hope he likes me too. I know I make him really nervous and he's not (or at least doesn't seem like) the sort of person whose usually shy.

he always says he'll talk to me on Facebook but he's rarely online. pretty sure we've been online at the same time once... I would have asked for his number but I know he doesn't usually use his phone and hardly ever has it when I see him anyways.

the other day my friend sent his number to me but I don't know whether to text him first?? he doesn't have my number (I'm pretty sure he doesn't anyway) so I'd have to tell him I got it and then he'd think I like him which I do but ya know. O don't usually (ever) make the first move and don't know whether to or not....

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  • 7 years ago
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    text him. of he likes you then he will love to hear from you! be bold. only tell him how you got his number if he asks... dont just tell him because then he will think its kinda creepy.

    good luck:)

  • 7 years ago

    Tell him you like him

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