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is it wrong to switch your favorite sports team.?

OK so for my 20 years as a sports fan id consider myself loyal. I would never never stop rooting for a team because they lose, in favor of a team that is winning that season.

when I was younger my favorite team was the first team I had ever seen win. I watched the superbowl with some of my family and cousins and I picked the team to win before they won, they won. and they became my favorite team. after that I supported them although they didn't win another superbowl. although they were a good team.

while they were still a good team I had a change of heart. I wanted to cheer for my true home team. so I can support them and watch them every week on tv. I made the switch while my old team was good, and my new team was pretty good.

since then I have supported them as losers for the last 10 years. they stink. they have had some success, but mostly you would consider them to be a failure as a franchise.

you see the thing is I don't give a damn about a loosing record. In fact in all my other sports, baseball basketball... I root for losers. so its not that they have a losing record. recently ive realized that there are franchises that win and will always be winners, even when they lose. and there are franchises who are losers. and will always be losers. even when they win. my current team is one of those teams.

id consider myself a loyal fan. but sports are supposed to be fun, and cheering for losers for 20 years has got to me, but I can deal with it. its the thought of going another 20 or 30 years of no success. im to the point where I don't want to invest being a fan into a team that wont even invest in providing one championship in 20 years. its been almost 45 years since they won. there known as a bad franchise and that will probably never change.

my old team has a history as a franchise that is run correctly. although as I am asking this they are not playoff contenders so its not just jumping on a bandwagon. I don't know. that's my rant. what do you guys think given the situation I described.

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    I mean being a true fan isn't a job. It's a hobby. I don't know how to describe it. It's like yes a lot of people are fans almost everyone, but its not something that will hang your life by a thread. ITS OK to be feeling like this I imagine others feel like this too. So to answer your question, switching is not wrong, even tho others may see it as wrong it's your decision. And whatever decision it is is ok!

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