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How should I go about wanting to work with food?

I want to cook or do something that involves food. Right now I'm only 15 so I can't work yet. And I'm not allowed to cook dinner very often, but when I do I feel so great! It's like I created that and it looks and tastes so good! My family makes fun of me because I have a math disability and I sometimes get measurements wrong. How can I go about my dream?


I actually don't go to school... I'm homeschooled... (sadly...)

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    First work on your measuring skills. Make sure you have well marked measuring spoons and cups. Using he incorrect amount can be a disaster. Just because you are home schooled does not mean that you can not enroll in a cooking program at your local high school.

    Do am little research on line. Many local markets and restaurants will offer free cooking demonstrations or low cost classes. Also keep an eye on your community calendar. In the spring there are lawn and garden shows and builder shows that will include cooking demonstrations.

    You really need to practice. Make a deal with your parents - if they allow you to cook dinner three times a week and 2 meals on the weekend you will - keep your bedroom clean and always clean up the kitchen after you cook. My son is grown with children of his own. When he was young and wanted to do something out of the ordinary I was always more receptive if a deal was involved.

    When he was 14 he wanted to decorate his room. His room was a pig sty. Deal - he had to clean and organize his room and keep it clean and organized for 6 months. He did and I painted his room, bought new furniture, bedding and drapery and all of the art and accent pieces he wanted. The second part of the deal was that he had to keep the room clean and organized. 3 months later his room was once again a pig sty. HMMM - not good. He came home from school to find his room stripped of every thing except his bed and dresser. OOOPS!. No more problem with a messy room.

    Good luck and Happy New Year

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    I think he means look up school's for your secondary education. I would assume you'd be going to an actual school for that. I've never heard of home college where your parents teach you and award a Bachelors! lol

    Anyways,up until then I do agree with working in restaurants when you can. It might not seem like the right step but any step where you can learn about the food industry is a good one. Gets you experience and an idea of how a kitchen is run.

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    Look up Culinary Cooking Schools. Cooking can be a definite passion that you could pursue. Talk to a counselor either at your school or at a Culinary School. Most schools have a cooking class or there may be local cooking tournaments or local cooking classes. I would definitely talk to a Culinary School either way because even if you think you can't work with it or use your passion yet, they will give you great pointers on how to get in the industry or how to get ready for it.

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    Lauren, if food an cooking is your passion, follow your dream, talk to a restaurant owner if you know one.

    I am going to warn you now, your going to initially cop crap, and do the menial tasks to start, before you get trusted to handle a knife and learn prep skills. It's all a learning process, do a year in the restaurant kitchen, before you spring it on the boss your ready for culinary school.

    If your boss is half a chef, he will tell you it's time to go to the next level.

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    Work in a restaurant.

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