What app does Dawn Richard use for Instagram?

It looks like she uses some sort of photo editing app that lets you cut pieces out of photos like the one shown here rather than solely cropping it. Can anyone tell what app it is by looking at it or know a similar app?

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    7 years ago
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    I dont' know what app her used, but I know how to do such effect.

    it's called Color Splash. I usually do such standing out color effect in Fotor-Color Splash:http://www.fotor.com/features/color-splash.html

    And I think this video must help you


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  • 7 years ago

    You know , sometimes it must need several steps to finish this kind of photos.

    You want to make this.According to my own experience.

    I made this photos and also i won't be limited in the templates.

    Step 1: Load your photo in the app (Fotor) to make color splash. Then the photo will be black& white.

    next,you choose some parts on your photo to make them colorful or paint.

    Step2. You can use the layer or overlay to draw the cross lines on your line.(you can use line tool ) with the app (Fotor or Pic Art)

    Step3 Crop the photo whatever you like.(This step can be the first step also) or add the frame. Or collage.

    App download : http://www.fotor.com/

    Pic Art

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