Does this formatting for a Same Sex Marriage essay sound okay?

Okay, so basically I was assigned to write a research paper on same sex marriage.

I already have my introduction paragraph finished and basically I'm trying to prove same sex marriage should be legalized.

The complete essay has to be; three to five pages long and must include three body paragraphs. So I was thinking for my first body paragraph I would speak about the cons of same sex marriage such as it doesn't go with god, it isn't natural ect. The second paragraph would be about the pros of same sex marriage with facts such as it decreases the divorce rate because we aren't forcing a man/ woman to be married to the opposite gender if they don't want to be. For the third paragraph I am thinking about comparing the two and all and all showing why same sex marriage should be legalized, with facts like there is more and more support for same sex marriage, it's a civil right and same sex couples deserve to have the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

Alas, I'm very unsure, would it be wiser just to pick three main topics like It goes against god and write why this is wrong and support it with facts? Then the second be like more people support same sex couples so the government should allow it because after all the government is for the people by the people?

This is my first research paper and I'm soo lost!

Thanks in advance for your help it really means a lot!!


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  • 7 years ago
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    The direction of your paper will take on the tone of your own personal beliefs, even if you try to be objective about it. I think you are on the right track, though, with your first approach. I would suggest that you think about one thing, however, while writing it. Substitute the words "black" for gay or "interracial" for same sex, and go back 50 years to 1963. Does this sound familiar? Think about it, it may help you with your paper. Good luck.

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