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Hi, I play WOW for a time and I always ask myself if there is something to tell me where is missions to do. I don't have in the level for go to another place, so I went in it and I can't do the missions yet, can as I said I don't have in the required level for do them. So if existe something just tell me, because I went to several places in the map and I can't find missions to do. PS: I'm Portuguese, so if you're a bit confused just understand that I'm not an English Fluent.

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  • Ozoran
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    7 years ago
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    What level are you and what kind of character ("race") are you playing? What faction (Alliance or Horde)?

    Here is a good list of areas by level: http://www.wowwiki.com/Zones_by_level

    If you look at that and the map you can probably find the areas that best match your level. When you go there find the towns for your faction (probably where the flight master is), those places are likely to have quests you can do.

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