The property owner's wife is my landlord - so who has the final say?

I'm living in a duplex with the other 1/2 of the house being occupied by the property owner and his wife. The wife is my landlord, as per my lease and they also made it clear to me when I moved in. Unfortunately, the property owner has become a real bear and impossible to deal with. He is constantly harassing me, yelling at me, and accusing me of things that aren't true. He's also trying to enforce new rules that aren't in my lease. I live in NY state. I'm assuming he could legally evict me, or whatever because he is the property owner. But I'm sick of the harassment! Does he have to be named on my lease as the landlord to exercise power over my lease? Obviously lease revisions have to be in writing and with notice, but I'm just wondering how far out of bounds, if at all, this jerk is going!

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  • 7 years ago
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    They are husband and wife... they are both the property owner and the landlord. I suspect they are putting his name on the property and her name on the income from rent for tax purposes or who knows what but it doesn't change the fact that you are renting from both of them. Seems like a real uncomfortable situation. Stand up for yourself but if it gets out of control leave and find another place and document everything and let them take you to court and you might win if you can prove what he was doing.

  • 7 years ago

    "The property owner's wife is my landlord "

    NO NO NO

    The property owner is ALWAYS the landlord. Anyone else is acting as his agent or manager.

    In this case, unless the property deed is specifically in his name only, they are both owners.

    " He is constantly harassing me, yelling at me, and accusing me of things that aren't true."

    Keep good record of ALL issues.

    Contact your state's Consumer Protection office

    Find out what rights you have

    You might be able to sue them

  • 7 years ago

    Both are the owner and landlords. Because they have decided who would take care of the business of renting the duplex does not relieve the other of ownership.

    If you feel threatened harassed or uncomfortable in dealing with the husband, you should speak up and say so. tell him that you do not respond to threats, or harassment very well.

    You might also inform his wife what is happening as she might not be aware of her husband's actions toward their tenant.

    If you feel as if you are being threatened and bodily harm, you would be able to get a restraining order against him,by filing for this in your local court. A call to your local police might be able to point you in the right direction.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

    "FIGHT ON"

  • 7 years ago

    Generally if things aren't going well with your landlord, the best and wisest and happiest thing for you to do is move out and find a place to live with a better, nicer, kinder landlord. Too many tenants try to get into arguments with their landlord and it doesn't end well. Even if your landlord is in the wrong, what do you expect would happen if you try to fight him? You'll get evicted eventually. So leave before things get worse.

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    7 years ago

    If he starts harassing you, tell him to put it in writing -- then walk away, or walk away somewhat, turn around to see if he followed you and whip out your phone or camera to make a video recording.

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