What are the chances that my girlfriend is pregnant?

So, here's what happened. It was both our first times having sex and it was unprotected as well but I never ejaculated inside of her. I finished away from her vagina in general so im not concerned about that part. About 35 hours after having sex she she took a PLAN B pill which is supposed to prevent the sperm from entering the egg. (Also after this amount of time PLAN B is supposed to be very viable.)

So here are my concerns;

- Pre *** was of course involved and I know there is a low chance, but still a chance of becoming pregnant from it.

- Since she has taken PLAN B she has had a late period (right now by about 4 days or so) But she has also been very stressed out from work. (I also know that high stress levels can prolong periods from weeks to months)

- She is not experiencing any signs of pregnancy thus far, and it has been a good few weeks since we both had sex. She is also not experiencing any side effects from the PLAN B pill.

So, what are your thoughts and opinions on the situation? Is she likely to be pregnant and just not experiencing any symptoms of PLAN B, or most likely is late due to purely high stress levels from possible pregnancy and work?

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  • 7 years ago
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    She's not pregnant if she took the plan B.

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