2007 wrx upgrades and parts questions?

I'll start, my 07 wrx 2.5 subaru got a exhaust leak, then soon it caused the turbo to go. I need to fix this and may as well do upgrades. I would like to keep it a daily driver so looking to stay about 350 ish whp. I was thinking bigger turbo, bigger tmac and scoop, turbo back exhaust with hi flow cat. My question is what other supporting parts and what brands turbo and size turbo, and exhaust. I need to try to keep costs reasonable (under 4k) w tune.

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    7 years ago
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    Just go with the bigger turbo from the STI. Typically you want to go with a 3inch piping turbo back exhaust for most turbo cars to let it breath more freely. There are numerous amounts of brands I'll just give you the best and most expensive company. HKS, Greddy, Cobb, Apexi, etc. If anything just go to a Walmart in the magazine/books and pickup a Magazine called Import Tuner, Modified, or Dsport. There is a lot of info in those mags. For tuning go with Cobb Access Port. It comes with programming and updates to help tune your Subaru on your own. Pugg and Play

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    The Subaru has a unique flange/s but the heart is still a Mitsubishi. I believe it is a TD04 unit. These can take up to a 18 G wheel at least and if you have some mechanical skill, big snap ring pliers it is very possible to overhaul the stock unit or put in a new cartridge.

    But injectors and the MAP sensor at least need to be addressed also. With out enough fuel more boost will just kill the engine. More boost just requires a different waste gate controller of a add on valve that can be adjusted.

    Three inch is about as big as you need to go on the down comer and exhaust anything more then that is over kill.

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