Do dyke girls like preppy girls?

So I've been discovering my sexuality, or more like coming out of denial for liking dykes. However I'm so girly, I'm preppy and I wear monograms, that's just my personality. How do I make myself attractive to the other kinda of girls? There is this one girl we'll call her A and we've been fiends for a while even Hooked up but we haven't talked lately, but she texted me the other day, and we were talking about old times and she asked to hang out when she got back in town. So I asked when will she be in town and she never replied. I guess I need to play it cool. But how?

1 Answer

  • Storm
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    "Dykes" is an offensive term and you shouldn't use it. That's your first lesson.

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