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Is It Wrong To Be Jealous?

Ever since we moved beside my older cousin, she is always like trying to take my mom from me. She hates her dad, and she lives with her grandma and keeps saying stuff like, "I can't wait til I move in with ya'll so your mom can take me everywhere." And everytime I want to go somewhere, my cousin does to. Or my mom will take her somewhere with my sister and her and not me.

Like today, she left me at home while my cousin, her grandma, my sister, and her went to eat somewhere I really love but it's expensive. They left me cause I "ran off" Or another thing, her and my cousin and my sister went to the beach without me. I couldn't just tell someone to take me, because that is 3 hours long.

She buys stuff for my cousin and sister, but suddenly doesn't have enough money for me. Or my cousin goes with me, when I wanna spend time with my mom.

Is it bad to be jealous of this? Cause this really makes me upset. I feel left out of everything. :(


She always has to be with my mom. And i'm really tired of it. I talked to my mom about it before, but she still lets her follow her around. It's really aggervating. I know it might be because of her being with just a grandma, and not a dad who loves her. But taking my mom away and not letting her have time with me is really upsetting me.

Update 2:

Micahel. Actually it's the other way around. I'm not spoiled. I would like to have time to talk to my mom and spend time with her. My cousin on the other hand, cries when she doesn't get to go with her. Whines if she doesn't get something. She literally threatned her grandma to get an ipad. Cried just to go to Bojangles, and whines to my mom to buy her stuff. Now i'm not the spoiled one. I want my mom to spend time with ME not that selfish brat. I miss my mom. I would really like to talk to her, other than on FB.

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    Sounds to me like you want acceptance from your mom, or you are just a spoiled and when you get into a relationship you will only get worse , your mom already knows how you are . so I assume that's why she leaves you behind.

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    I get it you like to spend time with your mom and you feel like she's taking her away from you.

    Its okay to be jelly ( Jealous) is a common human emotion. The best thing to do in this situation is to make plans with your mom and say its a her and you thing. :D

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