I Need Help With Graphics Card?

So i got a new pc. Its an alienware x51. My friend that knows a thing or two about computers told me that i needed to plug an hdmi cable into the bottom of the tower where the graphics card is and not the hdmi port at the top where apparently the motherboard is. (im not really sure i dont know that much about computers.) But apparently i would be getting better graphics if i plugged it into the graphics card port. But i need a mini hdmi cord that is shipping to my house soon.

Basically i just want to know if this is true.

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    the HDMI port at the bottom of your case is the graphics card port, while the upper one is the motherboard's one. And the graphics card will give you more performance than that of the motherboard. So plug it in the bottom of your case.

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