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How tolerant were Britain in the 1970's/early 80's?

Specifically regarding ethnic minorities e.g. Sikhism!

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    Honestly, it hasn't changed that much since then. The prevailing feelings were that we should all try to get along, but there were also plenty of racists and a small National Front that would hold the occasional rally to protest immigration and scream "They're destroying our way of life!" Really depends on who you talk to.

    I remember a couple of cases of police abuse that made national news, but this was with black people, not Sikhs. There was some outcry about it and some pols would say "This has to change" and then it died down and a year later it would happen again. Sort of like today.

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    Britain opened the door to thousands of of Asians who came to Britain at that time when the dictator in Uganda threw them out taking all their business, homes and money........... they came with nothing, worked hard and in the areas they lived at that time which were often former derelict properties which were due for demolition but kept and updated quickly as the only place to house so many are some of the richest economic areas of several towns and cities............ we were much more than tolerant..............

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