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im hungry whats good for me?

i have not had anything to eat today and im hungry, I've not had anything to eat for 3 days now. i really want to have some pasta but im not sure if it healthy i don't want anyone saying i need to eat more because i know i do but im not hungry, but now i am i want to know if pasta good for me and if not what i can have?

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  • Robin
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    7 years ago
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    When you are that hungry, the first two things your body craves are sugars and fats; they are just a temporary fix.

    First of all, NEVER go that long without eating something, it's very bad for your health, and causes you to overeat junk!

    At this point find the website for the Atkins diet. They advocate a diet high in protein and fiber. The fat that's included slides right thru you. Fat does NOT turn to fat, carbohydrates do. When you overeat, you body stores the extra carbs for a time when we are starving ( yeah...right!) Well, if you are eating fat, which is sliding thru, and protein which is turning to muscle, your body says," Mayday,mayday, this body is starving! There is nothing in this stomach to burn!"

    So, it starts to burn....the belly, the butt, the thighs, the midriff, the jiggles, the chin, etc. and as long as you keep eating that protein and very little carbs, the weight falls off! But, you HAVE to follow the diet, or else it will be back!

    Enjoy your skinniness!!

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    pasta is okay to eat, but not too much. just enough to get your belly full and wash it down with water

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Consult a doctor. You have a ******* eating disorder. (Btw pasta is healthy.)

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