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How to make my face less feminine?

OK, so i got this extremely feminine face (e.g. well rounded red lips and wide eyes with long, round eye lashes) and it has made my life a living hell. Everywhere I go I get laughed at and ridicule for has having such a girly face that it has causes me to isolate myself from the rest of the world, A extreme social anxiety has overwhelmed me so much that I'm beginning to mentally deteriorate. Adding insult to injury I'm really a short dude ( 5'4) , which guys perceived as an "easy target". Is there anything I can do to change my facial appearance so I can live a happy, successful fulfilling life, at least tone down that redness of my lips without surgery? BTW I'm 24 years old if that help anything.

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    Okay. This may be a stupid idea, but you can use a lipstick that looks like the color of the skin ( Beige lipstick preferred) .. Its even hard for people to suspect that you are using a lipstick.. And you should keep your heads up, don't mind tthese asshats... And best of luck ( i do not recommend smoking tho, unless if you're a smoker :p)

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    To be perfectly honest and serious, start smoking. Blacks, Weed, cigars, cigarettes all make your lips darker. As far as lashes, I think long lashes are sexy on men, so whatever.

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    wtf ^^^ no do not start smoking, maybe you should try growing a beard

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