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My friend always puts me down?

I'm 16 almost 17 and my best friend is 17, we get along great n' everything but just about everytime we hangout she has something to say about me. Just last night she was calling me a lesbian, and many times before she has told me I look like a man and that everyone thinks I'm a lesbian (The only thing not feminine about me is that I choose not to wear make up because I don't much care for it and I have sensitive skin, also nobody else has ever called me this except my brother because we insult eachother) Other then the lesbian part she likes to just put down my weight (I'm just slightly overweight) and she's about 50+ pounds more then me. Pretty much anything she can say she says, and she says that everyone wants her and that shes pretty and also that she's ****** over 10 people. One more thing she does is make me feel bad about not having a boyfriend.. How can I let her know it bothers me without being rude? And why does she do this?

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    You shouldn't. You should just cut off the friendship.

    Of course you might not realize that yet... or you might not be ready to. But the second you leave high school, chances are high that you'll drop her.

    She's insecure about herself and she's taking it out on you.

    No friend should say that kind of crap. You don't deserve that treatment.

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    Sounds like its a fake friend. Which is fine, in life friends come and go at 16 to 17 its harder to realize that. Now me being almost 22 I've been there, but I feel like its your decision to stay friends with someone it should never be forced. They could even be jealous of you so many scenarios. Don't let anybody say you ain't beautiful :)

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    Best friends joke around, everyone knows this. But if it gets to the point where one person starts feeling bad about themselves because of it then just tell her straight out. She is probably jealous, or is just used to telling those things to people without intentionally wanting to hurt them. The best thing for you to do is just tell her " (Name) I don't like that you keep calling me lesbian and keep making fun of me. Can you please stop? It's making me feel bad." Or something like that. Hope I helped.

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    i think she is just jealous of you or something .... you sound like a shy girl so i think when she called you lesbian and things you didn't respond her so she finds you easy to tease and puts you time she tries to put you down tell her it bothers you straight

    she is not happy with herself thats why she is jealous of you

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    She's seems to be the one with the problems. She isn't happy within herself so she takes it out on you. She's jealous and probably very insecure so I'd try and reach out to her! She has issues, not you!

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