What does my husband do about his hpv?

I checked myself out and turns out I have severe hpv. I know my husband has it too so what kind of doctor/specialist does he need to go see? Also what will be done to him?

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Your husband could have the virus but not have a genital wart. It is common for one partner to have genital warts but the other does not have visible warts. here is no treatment for the virus. Most sexually active men and women will acquire the virus at some point. There is no HPV test for the male. A doctor can look at your husbands genital area to see if they are visible genital warts. Most partners do share their HPV type. Partners do not ping pong the virus back and forth. They are several treatments that a doctor can recommend for the removal of genital warts.


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