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is it weird that I don't want to have sex after this?

I was sexually assaulted a few years ago.

This happened 5 years ago:

The guy was on top of me. He had me pinned against the headboard and he was between my legs. When I looked down at the sheets, I saw blood.

This would have been my first time.

He also made me get on top of him and then made me get on my hands and knees and entered me from behind.

I was so traumatized that I kind of blocked out any memory of penetration....

Then he took pics of me and tried to prevent me from leaving. He pushed me against a wall. He bit me.

***after this happened, I was hysterical and I dropped out of college. I've been self harming and depressed ever since.

Do you think this could have messed me up mentally? I'm afraid of sex and relationships.

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    I had been traumatized and went through very difficult times in my life. This hapend lot to me and if you read my life story will find many event where i was in your case emotionally sexually and physically. Not one event but many and through all life ages young , teen and adult.

    The thing that helped me to some degree is hoffman process check the link below.

    The other thing is Bradshw series of books ( home comings ) and ( healing the shame that bind you )

    Please do contact me if you need further help.

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    You were violently raped. This could mess up anyone's mind. Since you recognize your fears now, you have taken the first step to resolution. Now you need to get professional help. What you went through could scar you for a long time but you have the power in you to overcome it. It just might take some help. If you can't get professional help at least talk it over with trusted friends. This is the sort of thing that will fester if you don't get it out of your system. I'm sorry that this happened to you but all men are not like this, only a very tiny fraction of them. What you experienced was not sex, it was brutal assault.

    Source(s): 69 year old man
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    Dam that sounds terrible :( i would have beat that dudes @$$ for that i hope you feel better i cant answer this question its heart breaking to know what ower world has become

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    yes, I would talk to someone professional or even just somebody really close.

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    Don't worry there will be someone who will love you

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