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Why are pitbulls so Miss understood?

I know they look mean have a bad reputation and every thing bit a very few people give them a second chance WHY?!!?!?!!?

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    Because the 'pits' attacking people aren't apbt's. They're am staff mutts, pit mixes.

    You would never see a REAL American Pit bull Terrier attacking someone. Why? Because they were NEVER bred to attack people. They're animal aggressive, not human.

    Of course you don't hear stories about labs attacking or other breeds attacking, why? Because it doesn't sell, it doesn't sound as scary as "PIT BULL ATTACKS, AGAIN" the media knows what sells. Fear.

    They've already done it to other breeds.

    - inbreeding

    - overbreeding

    - genetically unstable dogs

    - back yard breeders

    ^^ all have contributed to the now ruined, once great breed.

    People don't realise, the true American pit bull terrier is:

    - a service dog

    - a military dog

    - a police dog

    The REAL American pit bull terrier wouldn't bite any human because that was never acceptable in the breed.

    What you see now a days is a ruined, over bred, miss understood breed.

    I've grown up with apbt's, I have one now. None of the 10+ apbt's I've shared a home with have bitten, growled or 'turned' on a person.

  • nosaj
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    Just some numbers for those who seem to be misinformed...

    Pit Bulls are estimated to make up at least 5% of the total dog population in the U.S.Some estimates are closer to 10%.This means at least 3.6 million and potentially as many as 6.9 million dogs.

    The fatality rate is from roughly .00125 of the total population,using a median number of the above figures.Lower than the other large breeds typically included in these discussions.

    While a gross number of Pit Bulls are horribly bred,maintained,trained and are responsible for these fatal attacks.A fair number of these cases also involve accounts of Pit mutts or an unconfirmed breed reported as Pit Bull or the erroneous Pit type...

    Source(s): APBT owner
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    I blame two things.

    1. Idiot dog owners that breed and train them to fight, and,

    2. The media for portraying pits in general as being vicious dogs.

    ANY dog will attack to kill if that's what it was raised to do. Even a Chihuahua will do that if its owner has raised and trained it to fight.

    Pits are STRONG dogs. The breed is meant to be a farm dog to keep cattle under control, much like American bull dogs and mastiffs. So they are naturally VERY strong dogs; they can take on a bull if they have to. So when any breed like this attacks, it's never pretty. It's a lot uglier than when, say, a poodle attacks, because pits are so big and strong. And unfortunately, if a poodle viciously attacks someone, the media won't have anywhere near as much of a field day with it as they would if it was pit attack.

    You can try to educate people, but sadly, the media has made up its mind for most. Pits are great dogs if they're raised right; they love kids and they are wonderful guard dogs.

    Baron: Really? Do some research. Pit bulls were bred to be farm dogs. SMDH

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    There's like over 1 million dog bites per year and pitbulls have strong bite as well as hardly any paid nerve.

    Plus they use it for dog fight etc.

    Even if not, something can trigger instinct and bite. Even humans are prone to insanity so smaller brained animal does too.

    "Pit bull type dogs were responsible for 67% of fatalities, the next closest breed was the rottweiler at 12%. "

    I would say pitbull owners should be require to carry 1 million insurance. And if they accidentally let it loose, be criminally charged with about same level as shooting a gun.

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  • 7 years ago

    Pitt bulls are not misunderstood by any one other then pittidiots.

    They do bite people. Last year they killed 60+ people and have bitten thousands. Mostly children. Pitt bulls are the TOP breed for the most bites and the most dog attack related deaths

    It has nothing at all to do with how they are raised. Many a family has one and had it put down because it attacked the child for no reason what so ever. The were bred for aggression and still are bred for aggression. You can't love out or train out aggression. That's like claiming you can train a herding dog not to herd.

  • 7 years ago

    asleep I'm not really sure why I have to and I have a seven and eight year old and they are great with my kids have never them we have had them since they were born and when they were one and two they would climb on them for their tails poke them in the eye and they would just wait until they would get up off of them and then just go into another room and hide lol so I'm not really sure why they are misunderstood they're very protective but yet we have people over all the time and it they have never hurt anyone if it is new people they are sketchy and want to protect us but once again have never hurt anyone but I am sure that just like any other breed if someone stranger were to come in my house then they would get hurt the only ones that turn out mean and vicious are the ones that are raised that way and raised as fighting dogs it's all in the owner people are fools

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    They will be banned in the US within 10-15 years I'm almost sure of that.

    They make up a small % of the dog population but they kill much more often than any other type of dog. I say type because we're usually talking about mutts. Legitimate APBT are bred for dog aggression but should be great with kids and families.

    I too feel bad for genuine legitimate APBT owners as the backyard breeders and delusional owners who think their bully mutt is a delicate little flower have ruined the breed and will have them banned within a decade most likely.

  • 7 years ago

    Misunderstanding of canid genetics ("dog-aggression" is not a genetic trait, mind - there is nothing in the dog genome identified with that - though there are other genetic factors which can aid in conditioning for that - notably timidity - which lends to feeling threatened/need to defend - combined with territorial qualities, which ARE genetic and can be a recipe for aggression if allowed to express/not properly conditioned at a young age), combined with a long history of them being used for (and bred for capability in) dog fighting, combined with a powerful physique which makes them very effective "kill machines" when an individual is aggressive... and so on.

    They're also statistically the #1 choice of dog for people with felony records, the #1 for dog fighting, etc... Hence a *culture* (human-based) of aggressive pitbulls. And since many rescue pits were previously part of that culture, even "good owners" can have problems (just as well-intended but mistaken training as a puppy can lead to aggression, too - in any breed)

    Though important to note that pit bulls are no where near the top of the list for dogs most likely to attack (and, ironically, Golden Retrievers and Labradors tend to top that list), they are at the top of the list for most likely to kill when they do attack (physique + conditioning).

    They're powerful dogs, given their size. So an aggressive pit bull is a HUGE problem, and the result tends to make the news. However, statistically speaking, they are actually not especially prone to aggression (dogs with far better reputations are, statistically, FAR more likely to be aggressive)... so their reputation isn't really deserved (and certainly not deserved outside of the human/culture issues surrounding the breed... simply put, demographics of people with issues themselves get them *wanting* a mean dog, and in turn condition them into that).

    BSL only solidifies that, though many organizations (and even research studies) indicate it's ineffective and effort/money would be better spent on enforcing law enforcement for humans who use dogs (pits or any other dog) for such purposes.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    So many people have bad experiences with them, it's tough to give them a second chance. For instance, my dog has been attacked twice by 2 different pitbulls on 2 different occasions. They could have killed her, and that's not ok. I'll never trust them.

  • Baron
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    7 years ago

    I will NEVER have a pit bull or pit bull mix in my home. Ever. I am a strong believer in "blood will tell", in animals and in people. That breed was bred to be a vicious killer, and unfortunately people were the culprits. I will never turn my back on one, no matter how sweet it appears. I have no idea what little thing will set it off. And I won't take that chance.

    The breed should be outlawed in cities. If you want to know why, visit your local animal shelter. THE most available dogs in there are pits. And I will not take a chance that it will attempt to eat my other dog, who has the most affable disposition in the world. Breeding wills out!

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