just a cold, tonsilitis or throat infection?

Hey on Friday night (27th of December) I had sudden symptoms of coughing, and sore throat and struggled to swallow. I also felt sick and cold. Yesterday I ate and felt a bit better but was on and off sleeping, in the night I was worse, I still struggled to swallow, open my mouth, I am coughing and got a bunged up nose that's not runny. Today I was the same, I have tried strepsils and lemsip but I still struggle to swallow and open my mouth, still coughing and stuffy nose. It also hurts when I speak. I looked in my mouth and my tonsils are all red and puffy and white spots on them. I do not have a fever but feel cold. I have ear aches going from my throat to my ears. I also feel tired. And coughing and stuffy nose.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Probably most likely cold and tonsillitis- Ive had tonsillitis soo many times it is unbelieveable,

    usually a course of anti-biotics do the trick for tonsilitis,

    Every time I get tonsilitis I usually have the flu to go along with it, high temperature, runny nose, sleepless nights, mainly sleepy durring day etc.

    You don't always need anti-biotics to clear it, It does eventually go it's self just takes a little longer than it would with out anti-biotics, I don't know if you can get hold of these but in the UK at the chemist they have losinges like strepsils but they are for tonsilitis- they have antibacterial products in them and they numb the throat- downside for me is that I couldn't feel my tongue but they did good for eating and drinking, I also usually gargle lucazade when I am drinking it and also gargle antibacterial mouth wash to try kill the infection,

    take paracetamol also to regulate temperatures and pains,

    you should be right as rain in a couple of days,

    if symptoms persist then seek medical advice but I am sure you'll be ok !!

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